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About Examination

The Indian Army examination is a prestigious and highly competitive test conducted to select candidates for various positions in the Indian Army. It serves as a gateway for aspiring individuals who want to serve their country and protect its borders. The examination assesses candidates' physical fitness, aptitude, and knowledge in areas like general awareness, mathematics, and English. It consists of written tests, physical fitness tests, and interviews, ensuring a comprehensive evaluation of the candidates' capabilities. Clearing the Indian Army examination opens doors to a rewarding career filled with honour, challenges, and opportunities to contribute to the nation's defence and security.

Essential Details About the Indian Army Examination


Indian Army



Marital Status



Men & Women

Age Limit

17.5 to 21 years

Selection Procedure

Written Test,

Physical Fitness Test,

Medical Examination


Indian Army Exam Eligibility Criteria 2023:


Candidates must be citizens of India.

2.Age Limit:

  • For G.D Post (General Duty Soldier) – 17.5 – 21 years
  • For Tradesman Post – 17.5 – 21 years
  • For Clerk Post – 17.5 – 21 years
  • For Technical Trade – 17.5 – 21 years
  • For Officer’s Post – 18 – 25 years



  • For G.D Post (General Duty Soldier) – 10th Passed
  • For Tradesman Post – 8th & 10th Passed
  • For Clerk Post – 12th Passed with Math & Account subject (50% marks in each)
  • For Technical Trade – 12th Passed with PCM (50% marks in each)
  • For Officer’s Post – 12th Passed through NDA, Must have graduated from any recognized university for CDS.


Indian Army Exam Pattern at Glance:

  • The Indian Army Exam Pattern varies depending on the number of subjects or sections included, the total number of questions, marks per question, negative marking, and so on.
  • It is critical for candidates to stay up to date on the Indian Army Exam Pattern because it can help significantly with exam preparation strategy.


Soldier Trade


Total No. of Questions

Total Marks

Negative Marking

Soldier General Duty

 General Knowledge = 15Q

 General Science =15Q

 Maths = 15Q

 Reasoning = 5Q

50 Question(each question carries 2 marks)

100 Marks

0.5 Marks

Soldier Tradesman

 General Knowledge = 15Q

 General Science =15Q

 Maths = 15Q

 Reasoning = 5Q

50 Question (each question carries 2 marks)

100 Marks

0.5 Marks

Soldier Clerk

 General Knowledge = 5Q   

 General science = 5Q

 Maths = 10Q

 Computer Science = 5Q

 General English = 25Q

50 questions (25 questions are in part-1 and 25 questions in Part-2)

200 marks (each question carries 4 marks)

0.5 Marks

Soldier Technical

 General Knowledge & Reasoning = 10 Q

 Maths = 15Q

 Physics = 15Q

 Chemistry = 10 Q

50 Question (each question carries 4 marks)

200 Marks

0.5 Marks


Soldier (NA)

 General Knowledge = 10 Q  

 Maths = 5Q

 Physics = 5Q

 Biology = 15Q

 Chemistry  = 15Q

50 Question (each question carries 4 marks)

 200 Marks

0.5 Marks


Indian Army Exam Syllabus 2023

Maths (GD , TM & CLERK)

  • Square Root & Cube Root
  • Speed, Time & Distance & Train
  • Boat and Stream  
  • Geometry
  • Time and Work
  • Probability
  • Permutation & Combination
  • HCF & LCM
  • Quadratic Equation and Factor
  • Surds and Indices
  • Average
  • Percentage
  • Profit and Loss & Discount
  • Ratio and Proportion
  • Number System (fraction , simplification )
  • Problem of Age
  • Mensuration (2D & 3D)
  • Simple & Compound interest
  • Basic Trignometry
  • Basic Geometry



  • Abbreviations - National and International.
  • Sports - National and International.
  • Awards & Prizes - National awards, Gallantry awards, Nobel Prizes.
  • History - Important dates & battles in Indian and World History and land marks of Indian History, national movement.
  • Geography - Solar System Space exploration, The earth principal peaks, Deserts, Rivers, Lakes and famous waterfalls, Geographical Tallest, Biggest and Longest etc.
  • Terminology - Geographical terms, Economic terms, Astronomical terms, Legal terms and Misc terms.
  • Indian Armed Forces.
  • Indian Towns, States and Uts.
  • Institutions and Research Stations, International space Stations and Festivals of India and World.
  • Indian News Agencies and Dailies.
  • Continents and Sub Continents.
  • Inventions and Discoveries.
  • Environment.
  • The Constitution of India.
  • Religious communities and Principal Languages.
  • National and International Days.
  • International Organizations.
  • Books and Authors.
  • The world of Plants and animals.
  • Current Affairs and “Who’s Who”.
  • General Science
  • Human Body - Food and nutrition, diseases and prevention, vitamins and their uses.
  • Question of General Science consisting of topic related to Physics, Chemistry and Biology. based on fundamentals and day to day activities.
  • Medical Terms.
  • Scientific Terms.
  • Scientific and Research Institutes in India.


  • Logical Sequence of Words
  • Blood Relation
  • Classification
  • Alphabet Test Series
  • Coding-Decoding
  • Direction Sense Test
  • Analogy
  • Clocks & Calendars


Physics :

Physical Properties and States of Matter, Mass, Weight, Volume, Density and Specific Gravity, Principle of Archimedes, Pressure Barometer, Motion of objects, Velocity and Acceleration, Newtons Laws of Motion, Force and Momentum, Parallelogram of Forces, Stability and Equilibrium of bodies, Gravitation, elementary ideas of work, Power and Energy, Heat and its Effects, Sound waves and their properties, Reflection and refraction. Spherical mirrors and Lenses, Type and properties of magnet, Static and Current Electricity, conductors and Non-conductors, Ohms Law, Simple Electrical Circuits, Heating.


(i) Algebra.

(ii) Matrices & Determinants.

(iii) Analytical Geometry.

(iv) Trigonometry.

(v) Integral Calculus.

(vi) Differential Calculus.

(vii) Probability and Statistics.

(viii) Number Systems

(ix) Fundamental arithmetical operations

(x) Mensuration

(xi) Area, Volume and Surface Area

Chemistry :

 Physical and Chemical changes. Elements, Mixtures and Compounds, Symbols, Formulae and simple Chemical Equations, Law of Chemical Combination, Properties of Air and Water, Preparation and Properties of Hydrogen, Oxygen, Nitrogen and Carbondioxide, Oxidation and Reduction, Acids, bases and salts, Carbon and its forms, Natural and Artificial Fertilizers, Elementary ideas about the Structure of Atom, Atomic, Equivalent and Molecular Weights, Valency.

Biology :

Basic Biology, Life Process, Study of Birds, Human Beings, Uniqueness of human body, Food and Health, Necessity of balanced diet, Wasteful Food Practices, Food Yield, Essentials for good health, Cycles of materials, Ecological balance, Living resources, Habitat and Organisms, Adaptation.

Indian Army Recruitment Selection Process

  1. Written Exam (CEE Test)
  2. Physical Fitness Test (PFT)
  3. Medical Test (MT)


Physical Test

  • 6 Km Race or 1600 metre or 1 Mile Run.
  • 10 Pull ups
  • 10 Push ups
  • Balance test
  • 9 Feet Ditch


Medical Test

  • An applicant should be physically fit and mentally sound.
  • A well-developed chest with at least 5 cm of expansion is required.
  • Each ear should be able to hear typically, and both eyes should have solid binocular vision. With each look, he should be able to read the distance reading chart at 6/6. 
  • Should have at least 14 dental points or a sufficient amount of natural, healthy gums and teeth.
  • Should not suffer from conditions like piles, hydrocele, or varicocele.
  • Soldiers assigned to general duty in the infantry should have 6/6 vision.


Written Examination

The candidate must pass the written examination according to the requirement of minimum passing marks decided by the authority.


FAQs( Frequently Asked Questions)


What is the selection process for Indian Army examinations?

The selection process typically includes a written examination, followed by a physical fitness test, medical examination, and personal interview. The written exam evaluates academic knowledge, while the subsequent stages assess physical fitness, medical suitability, and personal suitability for a career in the Indian Army.

What are the different examinations conducted by the Indian Army for recruitment?

The Indian Army conducts various examinations for recruitment, such as the NDA (National Defence Academy) exam, CDS (Combined Defence Services) exam, AFCAT (Air Force Common Admission Test), and various exams for specific entry schemes like TES (Technical Entry Scheme), SSC (Short Service Commission), and JAG (Judge Advocate General) entry.

How can joining an Indian Army Exam Coaching Institute help in my preparation?

Joining प्रयास Coaching Institute can provide valuable guidance and resources for exam preparation. We offer expert faculty who are well-versed in the exam pattern and syllabus. And also provide study materials, mock tests, and practice sessions to enhance your knowledge and improve your performance. Additionally, you can benefit from a competitive learning environment, peer interaction, and guidance on physical fitness training.

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